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Silver Medalist: 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the largest, most influential international spirits competition in America, is judged by a prestigious panel of 41 nationally recognized spirits experts. Judging is based on a blind, consensual procedure, ensuring competitive integrity as it remains the nation's most respected spirits competition.

The judges convened in San Francisco from March 19th through the 22nd, for the 15th Annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition, where they evaluated more than 1,500 entries, and awarded Tambour Original a Silver Medal, thus placing it higher than other respectable competitors such as Johnnie Walker® Red Label® and Black Label® which received bronze medals.


The new definition of Sodabi

Tambour Original is a finely crafted palm liquor from the tropical coastline of Benin, West Africa, that celebrates the proud roots and traditions of the region’s liquor. Twice-distilled for superior quality, then masterfully finished in small batches with American oak, hibiscus flowers, dates, honey, and other local tropical fruits and spices for an intensely smooth and uniquely African spirit.

Taking a note from the world-renowned musical culture of the region, our sodabi is a proud testament to the rigor, discipline, and complexity of the drumming beats that have graced the land for generations. It is with these values in mind that we present Tambour Original:

  • Harvested and sourced from local farmers in Southern Benin.
  • Infused with a blend of 14 tropical flavors and spices
  • No added preservatives or colorants; Naturally gluten-free
  • Available in 3 sizes: 750ml, 375ml, 50ml at 45% Alc/Vol
  • Federal U.S. Approval (COLA)

The History of Sodabi

Sodabi is a palm liquor that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years by the people of West Africa, despite its illegalization throughout European colonization due to its perceived threat to European liquor imports.

During this time, the sodabi tradition persisted quietly outside of the colonists’ surveillance, as it was believed to yield Voodoo powers that increase strength, stamina, and well-being, as well as offer certain divine protections against bad fortune and evil spirits.

Palm trees boast a very rich, naturally sweet juice considered a delicacy in West Africa, as well as other tropical regions around the globe. Yet uniquely in West Africa, the art of distilling it into liquor thrives and has remained its best-kept secret. Since 2012, our passion has been to share that secret with the world.

Our Signature Cocktails

The intensely smooth flavour of Tambour Original pairs beautifully with many flavors of the tropics. Check out some of our ideas or feel free to create your own!

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